Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sorry if I disappeared, but I have been busy reflecting, networking and researching, a time during which I did not feel too inspired to write.

Today, however, I am sharing two lists I prepared based on a little exercise given to me by Brendan. I have to admit, my discovery and job-hunting processes have not been very organized and this exercise will hopefully help me focus my activities and energy over the next few months.

10 things I want (in no particular order)
  1. A job where I can make a difference, where my contribution matters.
  2. To spend more time with my friends.
  3. A better camera so I can develop my photography skills.
  4. To feel energized and in shape.
  5. To write a book (or many!).
  6. To influence others on changing their habits and protecting the environment.
  7. To learn how to meditate and calm my mind.
  8. To feel more positive.
  9. A dog.
  10. To travel.

20 things I am grateful for (again, in no particular order)

  1. My healthy and supportive family.
  2. My boyfriend who makes me laugh and tries to understand me.
  3. My beautiful home that feels inviting and warm.
  4. The clean water I can drink from the tap.
  5. The delicious food I can prepare or that is prepared for me.
  6. Books that open my mind.
  7. My close friends.
  8. Affordable education (especially in Quebec).
  9. My health.
  10. The chalet and being able to be close to nature.
  11. The Internet and being able to stay in touch with my friends from Vancouver.
  12. My neighborhood.
  13. Being able to afford taking a break from work to think.
  14. Great co-workers in many of my past jobs.
  15. Feeling safe in the city where I live.
  16. Public transit taking me pretty much everywhere I need to go.
  17. Being able to speak two languages.
  18. Not being punished or diminished for being a woman.
  19. Having learned how to manage money early in life.
  20. Being Canadian.
  21. Nutella! (LOL, Brendan said this one didn't count)

What is interesting about these lists is what I can do to address my wants, while always keeping in mind the things that I already have.

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Anonymous said...

number 9 and 10 on your wishlist do not seem to be compatible - good luck on your quest