Monday, January 12, 2009


Every day, as I go about my day, I think about interesting things I could write about in the blog. As soon as I return home (or to the hotel room), I draw a blank and the inspiration is gone. The fact that I'm often tired in the evening, especially when I'm traveling, probably doesn't help.

Maybe I need a system. A system to either capture these elusive ideas, or a system to shake the brain cobwebs in the evening and generate new ones. I really enjoy writing, I want to do it more often. My system should not involve anything heavy to carry around (like the agenda I got at work that is currently on my table in the kitchen), or any complicated steps.

Any suggestions?

I'm in Halifax again this week, and for the following two weeks, but after January, I believe I will be back in Montreal. Well, unless my next mandate is also out of town again. Everything is possible. I scored this week with the rented car, mine has heated seats and when it's cold outside and you are trying to warm up the vehicle, the seats are the first things to warm up. Love it!

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Anonymous said...

post-its, that you stick in your wallet