Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's time

Life-changing events (like starting a new career and moving across the country) have a tendency to impact your day-to-day routine. I guess that's why they are called life-changing events, and not life-slightly-throwing-you-off-course events. However, eventually, you have to take a step back, pause the craziness for a few seconds, and make a conscious decision about forcing some of the routine back into your daily schedule.

It's time for a pause in my life. First, I need to start exercising again. I know it will require a bit more planning because of the dual residency these days (Montreal-Halifax), but it's definitely time to get this lazy body of mine back into shape. This week, I'm testing a new hotel in Halifax and their gym looks much nicer than the tiny room I found at the Future Inns. This new hotel also has a pool, the idea of swimming laps once or twice a week really appeals to me. Also, I posted a message on the Wall of the Allez-Up Facebook group. I'd like to find someone to climb with on the weekends. I miss climbing and the gym is so close to my place, I should take advantage of it. Eventually, I would like to also start running again, but I need to find a physio first to get going on a program for my knees.

Second, I need to get through the pile of paperwork I've accumulated and make a list of companies with whom I still need to update my address. I have subscriptions that are expiring and also need to gather my receipts for the move to submit at work (new job is covering part of my moving expenses, woot!). Every week I'm just barely keeping up with whatever paperwork needs my attention. I know I'm just asking for trouble and one day, I will simply forget to pay something important. Doh!

Finally, I should set myself weekly objectives (or to-do lists) to get moving on a few projects. These days, it's Christmas shopping, but I also need to set some time aside to prepare for my PMP certification, and last, but not least, more time aside to see friends (yes, I know it's dorky, but I need to plan for play time). It's been a challenge to meet with friends, I'm only in Montreal for a few days a week and those are not always the days when people are available.

Obviously, all these nice thoughts of getting back into a routine are currently taking a back seat to nursing myself back to health. I haven't had a bad cold in a while but what I'm fighting now is pretty nasty.

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