Monday, December 15, 2008

I made my choice

In life, you can face difficult, unexpected and negative situations two ways: you can fight, complain and let the negativity fester inside, generate stress and make you sick, or you can shake your head, smile and carry on with your life. I made my choice.

Today, I waited three hours at the airport for my delayed flight to Halifax. I took a conference call in the departure area, barely able to hear what was being discussed while a very small baby was crying and messages were being relayed to travelers over the intercom. I arrived in Halifax at 8:30 and didn't make it to the hotel until 9:30 (after waiting for my luggage, going through the motions of getting my rented car, and driving from the airport on a very windy stretch of highway). Right now, I'm working on a presentation I should have finished earlier and need to have ready (more or less) for tomorrow. My Tuesday is filled with meetings, I think I have about 15 minutes to have lunch.

I shook my head, smiled, and carried on with my life. I ordered Swiss Chalet for dinner and it came with holiday trimmings (stuffing, cranberry sauce, chocolates). I took a long, hot shower and changed into freshly laundered pajamas. I escaped the crazy weather in Montreal for windy but dry (and mild) weather in Halifax. My week will be busy but I have the office Christmas party to look forward to on Thursday (back in Montreal), a day of cooking meatpies with dad on Saturday, and then only three more days of work until my Christmas break. I get to see Annie soon (visiting from Vancouver, how is that for the world being upside-down?), spend time with my family and friends, enjoy yummy holiday treats, and maybe even sleep in a morning or two.

I'll never see those three lost hours again, but I am going to bed with a heart filled with positive thoughts.

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